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NextGen EHR and Practice Management Software SupportG

Our IAG team is specialized in supporting NextGen EHR and Practice Management Software. Medical offices require specialized EHR and Practice Management software that is utilized daily. You need quick and reliable access to an IT company that specializes in your specific medical software which is important to keep your practice running at its best.

NextGen Medical Software is cloud-based specifically designed for private practices. Works on any tablet, laptop, is touch-screen enables, and is compatible with all browsers. NextGen Office includes MIPS/reporting/dashboards, automates insurance eligibility, empowers patients to schedule appointments, request refills, schedule telehealth visits, and connects the care team through direct messaging and referral exchange.

Common Issues With NextGen EHR and Practice Management Software

  • Upgrades and maintenance can cause slowing and freezing at restart.
  • EHR and Practice Management are two completely different interfaces within the same program and are not easily navigated.
  • Multiple ways to view the daily schedule, which can be complicated.
  • Offers many options; may not be able to use all that is offered.

Benefits to Using NextGen EHR and Practice Management Software

  • Can touch, talk, or type encounter notes directly into the clinical documentation.
  • Easy for doctors to send charges to the billing department.
  • Easy to complete notes at time of examination.
  • Easy viewing of patient statements and details on claims.
  • Free daily webinars.
  • Offers a claims clearinghouse, which will tightly integrate the electronic claims and remittance process with Kareo medical billing software.

Doctors need their practices to operate productively, efficiently, and streamlined while using the latest technology on the market without any and or very little technology interruptions. Find the best medical EHR and Practice Management software tools that fit the way your practice works. Our team will take time to listen to your needs with a mission to provide your medical practice with the critical medical IT support you need to operate efficiently and at full capacity. Let IAG collaborate with you and your staff and show you how. Our IAG team is extremely knowledgeable and specialized in supporting NextGen Medical software.