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Cloud 9 Ortho Dental Practice Management Software Support

Our IAG team is specialized in supporting Cloud 9 Ortho Dental Practice Management Software. Dental offices require specialized practice management software that is utilized daily. You need quick and reliable access to an IT company that specializes in your specific dental software which is important to keep your practice running at its best.

Cloud 9 Orthodontic Software comes with a HIPAA-compliant interface and is easily accessible from multiple devices from anywhere at any time. Cloud 9 Ortho ultimately eliminates costly upgrades and interruptions while keeping your practice on the cutting edge.



Common Issues With Cloud 9 Ortho Dental Software

  • Freezing during printing.
  • Difficult to switch between office tabs.
  • Uses HTML.

Benefits to Using Cloud 9 Ortho Dental Software

  • Cloud-based software is available 24/7 from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.
  • The latest software is always available to your practice as it is updated in the data center.
  • Automatic backups and offsite data storage mean no more expensive server equipment.
  • PCI Compliant practice management system.
  • Easy to understand and learn; easy to switch between patients.

Orthodontists need their practices to operate productively, efficiently, and streamlined while using the latest technology on the market without any and or very little technology interruptions. Find the best orthodontic practice management software tools that fit the way your practice works. Our team will take time to listen to your needs with a mission to provide your orthodontic practice with the critical orthodontic IT support you need to operate efficiently and at full capacity. Let IAG collaborate with you and your staff and show you how. Our IAG team is extremely knowledgeable and specialized in supporting Cloud 9 Ortho Software.